Brandywine Springs – A Lost Amusement Park

Come along on my walk through Brandywine Springs Park. A park that has a long history dating back to the American Revolution.

George Washington once slept here, a military school once stood here, a former Revolutionary War encampment, a mineral springs resort and later an beautiful Victorian amusement park.

I’ve driven by this park many times but never knew what was actually here. I just saw a playground and pavilion, didn’t think much of it until I was doing research on Delaware State Parks and came across a site that had Brandywine Springs listed as a state park.

That pique my interest since it’s not listed on Delaware State Parks website.

So I’m wondering, “Where is this park and is it really a state park”?

I soon found out it was once a state park but in 1970 was decommissioned to a county park. Today it’s history is kept alive by old photos of what stood where along this easy to walk foot path that meanders up and down both sides of Hyde Run.

I really enjoyed this adventure, very cool to be able to read the caption, look at the pictures and then visualize what this place actually looked like back in it’s hay day. You’ll see what I’m talking about as you look at the pictures below.

Easy, informational walk in the woods, I highly recommend for you history buffs or not.

It’s located on the corner of Route 41 (Newport Gap Pike) and Route 34 (Faulkland Road)in New Castle County, Delaware.

Enjoy and do check out the “Friends of Brandywine Springs website” where you can watch a video of the early years of the amusement park.

Also read this exciting article called “Ghost towns and Lost Cities: Delaware. Here, Brandywine Springs is mentioned as well as other fascinating tales of Lost cities and Ghost towns in Delaware.

My Photos of Brandywine Springs Park

Brandywine Springs Park old bridge with a new bridge crossing the creek

Old photo of bridge over Hyde Run with new bridge there now.

Entrance to Brandywine Springs Park old photo

An entrance to Brandywine Springs Amusement Park.

Boat rides at Brandywine Springs Park Amusement Park

Man made Lake Washington where they used to take boat rides.

Where the hot dog stand used to be at Brandywine Springs Park

Where the hot dog stand used to be.

Map of what used to be where at Brandywine Springs Park

Map of where everything used to be.

And one more thing not a lot of people don’t know is here. Make your way down to the railroad tracks and walk towards the road, look up to your left and you’ll see a cave shelter.

A cave shelter in Brandywine springs park in Delaware

Cave Shelter Brandywine Springs Park

Thanks for coming on this micro FUN adventure with me, until next time!


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  1. George Snider

    Nice pictures,I remember visiting the park when opened, back in 1968 wife was pregant with first child, her water bust that day at the boat ride.Like all things they fad away except for memories I’ve been back since it closed very depressing, but so is getting old; but such is life, better to have been there than not!
    George Snider

  2. Mo Palepale

    Great post! So much fun to discover the things in your own backyard!

    • Tina

      Yeah, it’s amazing what you can find in your own backyard. Thanks Mo!

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