Pioneer Campground Sullivan County, PA

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Pioneer Campground Sullivan County, PA

If you saw my post on Worlds End State Park I mentioned we stayed at a campground called Pioneer Campground for 4 nights before we headed south to Mifflen county for a caving event.

This campground turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Let me explain.

Private campgrounds can be hard to find online, and if they do they aren’t updated or have very little information about what to expect so you never know how good or bad the campground is going to be until you get there. But Pioneer campground was listed in the PA Gazetteer, which led us to their website.

Pioneer Campground website, is a good example of a campground that is doing it right when it comes to providing all the information campers are looking when making a decision to camp at your campground or not.

Here’s 5 reasons why we liked it.

– It’s located well off the main road so traffic from the highway isn’t a problem, in fact it was so quiet at night it was almost eerie and scary when I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

– We had the place to ourselves, mostly. There were RVs there (a lot) but no one was in them. It seems they come up on weekends. We were there during the week and mid October which is usually the end of camping season for a lot of people so I can’t say how crowed this place gets in the summer, but it sure was nice having the tent camping area to ourselves.

– Tent campsites are wooded with plenty of shade and well spaced out with a fire ring and picnic table. Even if there had been other campers, the sites were spaced out far enough that we wouldn’t of been infringing on their privacy and them on ours. Nice!

Pioneer Campground tent camping site

Our Tent Camping Site Pioneer Campground

– Well stocked store, this is one of the best ones we’d seen in a long time. Most campground stores (at least the ones we’ve visited) don’t have much but this one sure did, everything from eggs, bacon, batteries, wood, if you forgot something you can probably find it here.

– They have a dog park! If you have dogs (like us, we have 2 huskies) and you want to let them run they can do it here. Now the fenced in area is not huge but enough to let your dog off leash to blow off some energy. I love a campground that caters to our 4 legged camping and hiking buddies.

Siberrian husky dogs

Duke and Bandit our Siberian Husky dogs

Some other perks to this campground is clean hot showers, a heated sea water pool (not opened when we were there) a hiking trail on the property which loops around (we took a stroll after supper – nice easy walk in the woods), free Wi-Fi and cabins/cottages if you don’t want to camp or have an RV.

Visit their website for a complete list of FUN activities for the whole family.

Pioneer campground is conveniently located near Worlds End State Park and the Loyalsock Trail which actually was our orginial plan, to hike the Loyalsock Trail as a backpacking trip but due to just getting our dog Duke as a rescue a few months earlier we didn’t think taking him backpacking this soon was a good idea so we settled for car camping. I’m glad we did, I enjoyed myself immensely and so did the dogs!

Highly recommend! We plan on coming back in the near future for that backpacking trip on the Loyalsock Trail and end our trip by staying at one of the cabins.

Here’s a link to Pioneer Campground in case you missed it above.

Thanks for reading, hope this was helpful! And do share if you know someone looking for a campground to stay at in Sullivan County, PA.

For all your camping needs.

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