10 Simple Food Backpacking Tips

I’m amazed at the variety of backpacking food items I can find at the grocery store these days. So don’t think you have to go to a camp store for your food backpacking items or that it has to be all dehydrated foods (not that there’s anything wrong with that) I encourage you to get creative with your food choices for your next backpacking trip. I know I am.

1) It’s O.K. to take fresh meat on a backpacking trip but either cook the meat first and freeze it or eat that fresh meat the first night out. This is what we usually do.

2) Breakfast – Instant oatmeal, instant grits, and my favorite, thin sliced bagels, are great for breakfast. The thin sliced bagels make for lighter weight and take up less room in your pack. If you want to bring your bread of choice, Backpacker magazine featured a french toast recipe in their August edition.

3) Dehydrated vegetables or frozen vegetables pack well, just add water or soak in water to re hydrate.

4) All kinds of soups, noodles, and rice as a side dish for you dinnertime meals. If you buy rice in a box like Rice-A-Roni, take the packets out of the box and pack in Ziploc bags.

5) If any of your recipes call for milk, like instant mashed potatoes, pack powdered milk. All you need to add is water.

6) Cheese and butter travel well. Add a hunk to any soup, pasta, rice, or dehydrated veggies you’re cooking.

7) Pasta, pasta, pasta. Easy to pack and cook, just top it with sauce from a packet such as Bobobi. They make a delicious pizza sauce that can also be used as your spaghetti sauce, makes for an interesting favor. No meat needed.

And if you looking for a pizza recipe for your next backpacking trip, check out Mr. Adventure’s backpacking pizza recipe. I gotta try it, it looks really good!

8) Ziploc bags, old vegetable bags, grocery bags, used bread bags can all be used and reused to pack your food in and pack your garbage out. Can never have too many bags with you.

9) Dried fruit makes for great trial food but you can also add some water and cook it for hot fruit on your bagel in the morning.

10) Make you’re own trail mix. This can be any assortment of peanuts, dried fruit, chocolate, nuts, berries or whatever combination of finger foods you want to bring. I love chocolate in my trail mix so M & M’s are always in our trail mix. And yes, if you don’t want to mix it up yourself you can find trail mix at your local food store.

Have fun with your food backpacking menu and plan ahead. Take your favorite foods and try moderating the recipe so it can be made outdoors. You want it to be fast, lightweight and easy.



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