NRocks Via Ferrata in West Virginia- Photos

I was going through my 100s and 100s of photos including photos on CDs and trying to organize and put into photo albums, where there suppose to be, right?

Maybe when I want to share a cool photo we took on one of our adventures I’ll be able to find it, hopefully. We see if this works out. 🙂

So I cam across these photos below of the Via Ferrata in West Virginia, formally known as Nelson Rocks now go by NRocks, a premiere guided climbing center in West Virginia and the North Fork Valley Region.

I thought they’d be cool to share.

But there’s over a 100 photos so I can’t share them all in this post anyways but will over the next few months.

Just to be clear though, I did not go on this trip nor did I take the photos but hubby Danny was on this trip and our good friend Jess Wilson took the photos.

No way, No how, you couldn’t get me anywhere close to this kind of stuff because I’m afraid of heights.

These pictures don’t do it justice so I included a video I found on YouTube. It’s not professionally done, it’s just a group of guys I don’t know but the cool thing about this video compared to the many others on YouTube is you can hear the fear in their voices, as one said “It’s intense” You’ll see for yourself how high up you are and how scary this really is.

I hope you enjoy, feel free to share or leave a comment below. I love, love, love this area of West Virginia.

Check out NRocks awesome website, they also do ziplines which Danny has done also (haven’t come across those photos yet) So if you’re in West Virginia and you’re looking for a crazy adventure this is for you. Click here for all the details.

And if you’re looking for something a little less dangerous try a zip line. There’s one here in Delaware at Lum’s Pond State Park. A fun family adventure, zip lines!



All photos were taken by Jess Wilson.

Up, Up, Up
Via Feratta going up

Walking across the bridge. Watch Your Step!
Via Feratta Bridge

This is where you can turn around and get out of there!
Via Feratta Escape

Beautiful Views
Via Feratta View1

Via Feratta View2

Via Feratta View4

Via Feratta View6

Via Feratta View5

Via Feratta looking-down

And a cool video from a couple of guys I don’t know. Watch to the end, they make a reference to the movie Deliverence, funny!