What is Dutch Oven Cooking?

Dutch oven cooking is something I haven’t done yet but I do have friends that do dutch oven cooking at our spring and fall camping trips with our caving club.

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What is Dutch Oven Cooking?

Dutch oven cooking is done in a cast iron pot with feet and a flanged style lid so you can set hot coals on top of it. Popular sizes are a 4 quart (10 inches round) or 6 quart (12 inches round). They do come smaller or bigger.

Dutch Oven Cooking Equipment Needed

Dutch oven cast iron pot
Long tongs, thick gloves
And a campfire or a designated area for cooking that’s fireproof such as brick, concrete or sand with a heavy duty double layer of foil set on top.

Indoor Dutch Oven Cooking or Outdoors?

You can do dutch oven cooking indoors if you have a fireplace. We did this in a cabin we stayed at in West Virginia last winter. We cooked biscuits in a dutch oven in the fireplace, turned out great!

Cleaning Your Dutch Oven After Cooking

Clean your dutch oven pot is a two step process that is easy.

First, try cleaning out all the food you can by just wiping it out with a paper towel.

NEVER use metal objects to scrape the inside of your oven. You’ll damage the seasoning and impregnate it with metal that you will eat in your next meal.

NEVER use soap either. The soap will bond with the seasoning, it’ll get into the pores of the metal and it’s hard to get out. From then on, soap will come out of the oven each time you cook and taint your food. This won’t kill you but your food won’t taste good and you probably won’t use your dutch oven ever again.

Second step is put a few inches of clean water into the dutch oven. Put the oven on the fire heat with the lid on until it’s almost boiling. Take off the heat and let the water steam for awhile to loosen everything up. You can also do this on the stove if you want.

Use a PLASTIC mesh scrubber, scraper or bristle brush to gently break the food loose and keep this to use only for your dutch oven.

Where to find Videos and Recipes on Dutch Oven Cooking

You Tube is loaded with Dutch Oven Cooking videos, here’s one I like from Cee Dub Camp Biscuits and Gravy but there’s tons more so check it out if video is how you like to learn or better yet check out Cee Dub’s cookbook called Cee Dub’s Ethnic & Regional Dutch Oven Cookin’ Be sure to click the look inside tab to see a list of all the great dutch oven camp cooking recipes. I liked it so much I bought it myself


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Do you Dutch Oven cook? If so leave a comment below and share your favorite recipe.

Tina 🙂

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