21 Awesome Benefits of Walking

Walking is fun and everyone should be doing it. Why? Because walking is good for you and can begin a lifestyle change of healthy habits that will take you well into your retirement years.

21 Reasons Why You Should Walk

1. Walking gets you fit – strengthens the muscle and the bones.

2. Walk for energy- when feeling sluggish or you don’t have the energy to do something get out and walk.

3. Exercise – not only are you walking for fitness you’re getting your daily exercise.

4. Walking keeps you healthy. Many, many studies on the healthy benefits of walking.

5. You’ll get to wear all kinds of cool walking shoes. I love my New Balance walking shoe.

6. Improve your self esteem. Makes you feel good about yourself.

7. Relieves fatigue and gets you moving.

8. Yes, you can lose weight by walking and lots of it.

9. Great way to get your kids outside too, walking with you.

10. Train for a marathon.

11. Spend quality time with friends or family members walking and talking. Or better yet, get your boss to do a walking meeting. How cool would that be!

12. You can walk anywhere, in the house, at the mall, in the woods, on a treadmill, up and down the stairs, hill walking, anywhere.

13. Walking is free and a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

14. Walk for mental health.

15. Get your frustrations out of your head and into moving your body.

16. Join a meetup group that walks in your area and meet new people.

17. walking is a great way to explore your city, town or wherever it is you live. I’m always finding new places to walk in my area that I never knew they existed. I love exploring new places close to home.

18. Walking is good for the mind and spirit.

19. Improves your mood.

20. Is a great stress reliever.

21. Good for creatives minds, get your creative juices flowing again. It helps me when I struggling to write something I really want to say.

Make walking part of your daily routine.

And you don’t have to do your walking all at once, you can break it up throughout your day.

When I go to a store I park as far away as possible and walk the extra steps. I take the stairs when seeing patients in high rise apartment building (except when they live on the 20th floor then I take the elevator).

I also love to walk around my neighborhood. I get to look at how other people keep their lawns, what flowers they planted or that cool looking door. It’s amazing how nice some people keep the outside of their homes and how others could care less 🙁

Anyways, it’s time to have fun walking!

Or need inspiration to walk, check out this 92 year old who just finished her 16th marathon.She stated “If I can do it so can you. I started by walking around the block”.

Alright, no excuses!


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