Pros and Cons of My Community Garden

Our town of Newark, Delaware started it’s first community garden this year (2015) and I am proud to say I am the first group of towns folk to participate in this experiment.

As I write this post the growing season, for me anyways, is coming to an end but I have to say it’s been fun. I didn’t want to write about it before because this is my first time ever growing my own vegetables. I wasn’t sure if this would work for me.

One reason is I tend to start things but don’t always finish them. I have the best of intentions at first but for some reason I lose the motivation and enthusiasm I had when I first got started. It’s a bad habit I’m working very hard to break or at the very least, trying to figure out why I do this.

Anyways, I’m happy to say it’s working out, I’m following throw and I’m actually growing something. It feels amazing! Yeah, I know for those of you who have a garden and grow things all the time this may seem silly to you but I love the fact that I planted that and it grew with very little effort from me.

That leads me into the pros and cons of my community garden.


I don’t have to clear a space in my yard and prepare the soil or fence it off so the dogs don’t get at it. This is all done for me, all I have to do is plant my veggies or flowers (no flowers this year maybe next year) and wait for them to grow.

All my gardening supplies and water are provided for me at the lot, not even my gardening gloves, they have them there. Nice!


It’s not in my back yard so that means I have to get in the car and drive over there so this means I have to make the time to do this – like I don’t have enough to do already right?

It’s actually about 4 miles from my house, not a bad drive, no getting on a major highway to get there, just going through town, no big deal.

And that’s it. I can’t think of any other cons at this time.

I’m really enjoying my community garden. I have 2 cherry tomato plants, 1 basil plant, 1 rosemary plant and 1 green pepper plant. Check out my green pappers I picked today, there’re huge. Used a beer can for scale and to celebrate my harvest, even if it was just 3 peppers.

Green Peppers aside a beer can for scale

My 1st Green Peppers I grew. Beer can for scale.

I have 3 cherry tomatoes but that’s it for now, they’ll most likely be ready by the end of the month.

I’ll be back with an update in a few weeks and provide a link here. I’m having lots of fun with my little garden here in my community. For anyone who wants to get involved in their community gardens, I highly recommend it!

Do you participate in a community garden in your area? Let me know, would love to see hear your thoughts on the topic. Leave a comment below and let’s chat about our community gardens.

Now get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather before the summer ends.


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