Tea Creek Campground West Virginia Reviewed

Loved Tea Creek Campground in West Virginia!

Why? For it’s remote location and plenty of camping sites to choice from.

Here’s a story of our experience at Tea Creek Campground.

Tea Creek Campground is located off Route 150, West Virginia’s Highland Scenic Highway, along the Williams River. We spent 3 days there this past May (2014) and loved it as soon as we rolled into camp late Monday afternoon.

There were other campers there but they were down along the creek and we were further up the road, far enough away to not know they were there. There was also campers in an RV not far from us but still far enough away to not be a bother.

The campsite was shaded (see picture above) private with a picnic table, tent pad area and a fire ring with grill and lantern holder.

Lucky for us there were other campers there because as we were unloading the Jeep our new dog Duke got out of his harness and took off running.

So before we could get our camp set up, Dan chasing after him but lost track quickly lost track of which way he went.

He’s calling his name looking at all the camp sites to see if he could get a glimpse of where he was or maybe hear him somewhere but Dan couldn’t see where he went until he got down to the river where a few kids were fishing.

“He went that way” yelled one of the kids and as soon as he said that Duke came running back towards them. One of kids grabbed him and he was caught, YEAH!

Tea Creek Campground - Dan, Duke Bandit out for a stroll

Tea Creek Campground – Dan, Duke Bandit out for a stroll

We thought for sure Duke was gone. We just reused him 2 months ago so he was just getting used to us and us to him. Duke is a Siberian Husky and for anyone who knows the bred knows they love to run and are known as escape artists.

How he got out of the harness we have no idea but for the rest of the trip we put a choke collar on him. I know it sounds cruel but it works and no it doesn’t harm him in any way, we won’t do that to our dogs.

Our other Husky, Bandit is 10 years old and is able to be off leash (rare for huskies because of the reasons stated above) but he happened to be leashed at the time and he was having a fit, barking and howling while we were off chasing after Duke.

Of course now the few people that were there knew who we were, from Duke getting loose and Bandit making a racket while we looked for Duke, which turned out to be fine. No one seemed to be bothered by the incident except us.

That was Duke’s first camping trip and we took him on a second camping trip over the summer and again, he did the same thing, got loose in the campground with Dan chasing after him and again it was kids who helped get Duke back.

So I just want to say a big Thank You to all those kids out there who have helped us get our Duke back 🙂

Anyways, back to the campground review –

You can fish in Williams River or Tea Creek which is in the campground, you can also hike from the campground but be sure to take a map or compass as the trail is not clearly marked and we got caught in a thunderstorm and didn’t feel like doing any route finding.

Hiking sign from Tea Creek Campgound

Hiking sign from Tea Creek Campgound

No showers but there is a one handed pump for water and vaulted toilets that were clean. There’s also a place to put your trash on your way out.

I’m sure the place gets crowed at certain times of the year, maybe more in the summer months, we just happened to be there in late May and came in on a Monday and left Thursday so weekends might be different.

Still we loved it and will definitely go back again. Lots to do from there such as day hiking in the Cranberry Wilderness, or stop in at the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center to pick up a few souvenirs or if you have to go into town for something you can’t do without Marlinton is close by with a grocery store, gas and liquor.

Caretakers were exceptionally nice and friendly people. They tried helping us to get our Jeep started after the battery died. We were listening to country music the night before (something we don’t do at home) hence the Jeep didn’t start the next day and the reason they couldn’t help was the husband was out on an errand and the wife didn’t have keys to their truck but the wife and another family member kept us entertained while we waited for him to come back.

She told us an interesting story about our Husky Bandit. She had only met him once earlier that week when Duke got loose but she remembered he was a heavy breather (which he is) She said they were sitting around the picnic table and could hear heavy breathing behind her. She was telling a story so she didn’t turn around, she just thought it was our dog Bandit and she would turn around and pet him when she was done talking.

It was dark so they couldn’t see him but everyone sitting there heard the heavy breathing. When she was done talking she turned around to pet Bandit and noticed nothing was there nor could they hear the heavy breathing anymore. There were 3 other people sitting there and they all heard the heavy breathing but couldn’t see anything.

Bear spotted at Tea Creek Campground

Sign found at our picnic table – Tea Creek Campground

How weird is that, they thought it was our dog but it wasn’t because Bandit was in the tent and wasn’t wandering at night, we don’t let him out of the tent at night without one of us with him.

Wonder what they heard, must of been another animal, a little scary, don’t you think? Bear have been sited in the area though so beware.

That’s was our fun 3 day adventure at Tea Creek Campground and we’ll definitely be back.

Oh and we did get our Jeep started, the kind people in the RV gave us a jump and off we went to do some hiking in the Cranberry Wilderness.

All the pictures here are from Tea Creek Campground trip.

Thanks for reading and we’ll catch next time Outdoors!


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  1. Nicole Anderson

    Sounds like a really lovely, dog-friendly place to spend a weekend. It’s great that it’s remote, yet has the facilities for a family to enjoy. Must check this place out someday!

    • Tina

      Definitely, you’ll love it!

  2. Mara Kuhn

    I’ll have to keep this place in mind when I make it up to that part of the country. Looks really pretty. I have a neighbor who has huskies. One of her dogs came over to my house and I called the number on the tag. She told me it was weird because he was left in the house! Apparently, he broke out of the window and went running the neighborhood. Very sweet dog though.

    • Tina

      Huskies are definitely escape artists! Thanks for reading Mara.

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