My 3 Best Camping Tips Ever

We recently came back from a camping trip in West Virginia so I thought it would be fun to share with you 3 of my best camping tips I would give to a new camper or an experienced camper because when it comes to camping there’s always something new to learn about this fun outdoor activity which I love!

1. Plan ahead. We used to just throw things into the car and go but after many years of camping we found that planning ahead saves so much time and energy.

By planning ahead I mean –

Know where you’re going. Read directions before leaving and don’t solely rely on your GPS to take you directly to your destination. In West Virginia, where we do a lot of camping, the GPS and cellphone do not work in some places especially if you’re in the National Quiet Zone which is the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Green Bank, West Virginia (cool place to visit if you’re in the area). Learn how to read a map, it’s a great survival skill to know anyways even if you’re not in the woods. By mapping out your destination first it will help immensely – trust me, we’ve been lost to many times and it ain’t fun.

Plan your meals. know what foods you’ll be cooking and read the directions so you know what you need to take with, like butter or oil for the pancakes. It can be easy to forget simple ingredients like salt and pepper or powdered milk or the eggs. Also cut up vegetables or make your dinners at home and freeze them. When it comes time to pack the food pull out of the freezer and into the cooler. Just reheat at camp, It’s easy, peezy. You may want to Learn Dutch oven cooking, this is a fun way to throw a few ingredients into a pot and cook your favorite meals over hot coals, this is something I’m trying.

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2. Get organized. We have a small room in our basement that is now the camping room. It is organized with tents in one area, kitchen items on shelves, sleeping bags in a big bin. This makes it so easy to pack for our camping trips. I know where everything is and can grab it at a moment’s notice. It can be very frustrating looking for equipment when you’re packing, believe me I know. We’ve spent hours looking for headlamps, cooking utensils, and it can get irritating fast and causes fights between hubby and me so after every camping trip I clean out the kitchen bind and make a list of what needs to be replaced such as fuel canisters, spices, tablecloth, batteries etc. I tape that list to the shelf. When we’re ready for a trip I can grab that list and go shopping for what I need. Everything gets washed and put back in it’s place for our next big adventure. I highly recommend finding a place in your home for all your camping equipment, it’s easy to pack, saves you time and no wasted energy looking for things.

3. Take lots of Pictures. Camping is the best time to take lots of pictures with digital cameras now and the best part is you don’t need a good camera anymore, your smartphone probably takes great photos so click away I say! Back in the day of film it was hard to know if you took a good enough photo but today I take tons of pictures at different angles, in different light settings, with people in them, without, wildflowers, trees, our campsite, all sorts of usual shots. I love it! It’s also a great place to practice your photography skills outside in natural lighting which can be challenging at times but also makes for some of the most awesome pictures. Nothing like capturing the moment of sitting around the campfire relaxing, making s’mores, laughing and truly enjoying the moment. So take lots of pictures of everything, especially if your new to camping. It’s amazing how beautiful the world looks when you take time to photograph it in all it’s glory.

Seneca State Forest

Seneca State Forest

So plan ahead, get organized and takes lots of pictures on your next camping trip! And if you’re new to camping and need a camping list check out this post on what to bring.


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