How Would Your Life Change If….

How would your life change if your had more money, or lost 50 lbs, or had energy, or could run a 10k in 3 hours?

Things would change if only….but do you know how to make that change? Are you setting goals but never seem to achieve them, saying to yourself, if only I could do XYZ.

Let me share with you steps that I’ve used that come from a book I read a few years ago called Flip the SWITCH: How to Turn On and Turn Up Your Mindset by PJ McClure.

Action Steps to achieving Your Goal-

* What is the vision or goal you want to achieve? Write it down and be specific.

* Why is it important to you? What’s the purpose behind you achieving this goal?

* What are the steps I need to get there? Write them out. You can start at the end and work backwards or start at the beginning and work your way to the end result.

* Now go through the steps, which one stops you from moving forward or takes you out of your comfort zone. Which step do you not know how to do?

* Ask yourself at this step that stops you, Do I believe I can do this? If your answer is YES than move on to the next step until you get to a step that stops you dead in your tracks.

* Now that you identified the step that stops you from answering “Yes, I can do this” focus your energy here. Break this step down even further creating manageable steps that get you to answer “YES” I can do this.

Believe in, have a purpose for and see the vision in every step your taking. Purpose drives us, gives us meaning in our lives, gets us out of bed in the morning. And belief in something determines the level of action and risks your willing to take towards it.

The goal is to align your belief with your vision/goal and purpose. Identifying the step you don’t believe you can accomplish will stop your from achieving your goal. Put new action steps in place that work for you and move you forward again, bringing positive change to your life.

“Nurture your current level of belief and let it grow naturally”. PJ McMlure

Now let me ask you, how would your life change if, say you had more money, loved your work, followed your passion, lived your dream? How can you make this happen. Leave a comment below and tell me about your desires, would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.


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