Hi, my name is Tina and welcome to Having Fun Outdoors!

My passion for nature and all its wonderful benefits led me to create this site.

I’m combining my love of adventures, art and wellness into one site because I believe they fit well together and a MUST DO for your mind, body and soul!

Let me explain…

I’ve been an outdoor lover for as long as I can remember, as a child playing back at the frog pond to now as an adult hiking solo, I still love getting outdoors exploring when ever and where ever I happen to be at that time.

I’ll be sharing my adventures as I get out and discover my own backyard here in Delaware and the surrounding areas (see photos below).

I’ll also be imposing art into the mix, which is new to me. I’m learning all about nature art (Eco-art) which can be drawing, coloring, painting or writing/journaling and photography.

I’m so excited about adding art to the mix because it can be so relaxing to just sit and draw (even if you can’t draw like me) and focus on nature, let your worries behind for a short time and just be (something I’m working on, not easy I must say).

My go to resource and a must read if you have any interest in nature is Keeping a Nature Journalby Clare Walker Leslie and Charles E. Roth. I love it!

And the wellness part comes from my long career as a nurse who works in oncology home health care soon to transitioning out of home health care nursing into my own business of teaching nature art to others as a healing tool they can use along with their treatment plan.

I believe that being outdoors is one of the best ways to help in the healing process and many studies have proven this from its calming effects that help reduce stress, to becoming present when you immerse yourself in nature journaling, there’s so many benefits, I can’t wait to share them with you.

I want to inspire you to get out, explore, create and be well.

It’s what I’m doing and I hope you can come along for the ride and support me, I’m gonna need it because it’s not easy to get out, we’re all so busy these days but I’m determined to create a life and business I love rather then letting life create it for me.

We can learn together, it’s so much more fun together, right?

So if you’re to busy, new to the outdoors or just want to get out more to explore, learn about nature and get well or stay well then this website is for you.

Lets adventure, create, explore and put fun back into our lives!

I hope you come back often to see what I’m doing in the great outdoors, what kind of art I’m producing and if I’m well or not 🙂

Comments, questions, and feedback are always welcomed, send me an email here – tina@havingfunoutdoors.com I’d love to hear from you.

Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Pinerest, if that’s where you hang out, I’d love to get to know you better.

Feel free to share! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

You can start here by reading my nature exercise series, not your typical exercises. Enjoy!

Hope to see you outside having fun.


My photos of my favorite places in Delaware –

Bridge over the White Clay Creek in White Clay Creek State Park

White Clay Creek State Park

Cape Henlopen State Park DE

Lums Pond State Park DE in the fall

Lums Pond State Park DE

Cypress Trees growing out of the water at Trap Pond State Park DE

Cypress Trees growing out of the water at Trap Pond State Park DE

Fort Dupont State Park DE

Fort Dupont State Park DE

Another Awesome read by the same author is “Curious Nature Guide” – Click the image below –